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Trained as an architect, Irene has extensive experience managing projects and leading teams in the built heritage.

Irene has a proven record as a team leader, fostering a dynamic environment and motivating her team to achieve goals and empowering them via open communication and by augmenting individual strengths. 

Moved by her curiosity, passion and dedication, Irene aspires to deliver an excellent end product and is driven by the simple creed.


I will either find a way, or make one. - Hannibal 234 B.C.

Irene was professionally trained as an Architect at the Politecnico di Torino in Torino Italy and at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. 


After an initial experience as a designer at the office of MASS STUDIES in Seoul, South Korea, and moved by a great passion and interest in material deterioration and failure, Irene pursued a specialization in historic structures with a focus on diagnostic and condition assessment at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. 


While at Echem Consultants, Irene was involved in the investigation and assessment of historic architecture, civil, power generation, and infrastructure projects. From small investigations to large construction projects, Irene developed a comprehensive knowledge of cutting edge technology including non-destructive testing methods on a wide-range of projects at different scales with a particular emphasis on reinforced concrete and steel frame masonry structures. 


Additionally, Irene was involved in the design and installation of numerous Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems for both reinforced concrete structures and steel frame masonry buildings.  


Irene's expertise in structures and science arms her with a holistic approach when deploying non-destructive testing and electrochemistry to evaluate critical structures for durability and deficiencies.

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